Violin, Viola and Wine

Márton Faragó-Thököly - Violin Maker and Wine Connoisseur 

     The crafting of wood has always been an enigma to me, and the spirit of music has always enthralled me, so at the age of twenty I came to Budapest, Hungary from Toronto, Canada to study the art of violin making. Finding a good atelier, I was blessed with the chance to take part in learning the fortes of this wonderful and life changing craft. During my years in the field I learned to craft stringed instruments in the style of the "Old Italians", some of which are members of the schools of Cremona, Brescia and Venezia. 

     Now as I work as a self-employed violin maker and concentrate purely on the crafting of the instruments, I always look forward to those moments when I introduce a new violin to a new found violinist. I believe that it is crucial for a violinist to find their violin and likewise for a violin to find its ideal master. Therefore, a harmony between instrument and musician is forged from this union. 

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